Wednesday, November 4, 2009

California Feels Like Vacation

After entering California, we found ourselves surrounded by the redwood forest.  James and I road through these redwoods for 3 days without being able to see the sun.  The roads through the redwoods are dark and eerie, but at the same time, I didn't want to leave.  We saw a few trees that had to be cut, and counted over 400 rings on the stumps.  Some of the trees are so big that you can drive a car through.  Very Cool!

From highway 101 to route 1, we saw the craziest hills and turns.  We were up switchbacks for 5 miles, then down for 5 miles...Then up for 5 miles, then down for 5 miles.  I would love to go back with a fast rental car one day.  (With the extra insurance)  I think these 20+ miles were the most fun and the least of the entire trip so far. (huge uphills, fast downhills)  I ended up breaking a spoke leaning around one of the turns I was pushing soooo many G's.  Haha.  This was the first time the entire trip automobile traffic had to move out of our way due to the speeds we were traveling down the hills.

Might as well jump...JUMP!
So while we were crossing the Golden Gate Bridge into San Francisco, we had to stop while the police talked someone out of jumping off the bridge.  We got to the other side, and the person went back and jumped anyways.  The police went back up the bridge and dropped a flare to point where that person went in, but there was no effort to chase.  We later found out that this happens pretty regularly in SF.  If you're going to do it, I guess the Golden Gate is the place.

Wake Up San Francisco
The streets of San Francisco are beautiful.  Lining every rolling street, are these great Victorian homes, each home cooler than the next.  We were never able to get to Oakland, but we did spend a few good days on the west side walking through Fisherman's Wharf and biking by Candlestick Park.

The Jellyfish at the Monterey Aquarium were one of the highlights of the month for me.  James and I spent all day walking through the aquarium, seeing fish and other sea life I never imagined.  Right now, there is a whole wing dedicated to all the types of sea horses.

We are now in San Diego.  We haven't had any real trouble the past few weeks and the weather is great..  Our legs are very strong right now and we found a great routine with our meals and distances.  James and I are taking a week off at the moment to let our bodies recover so we can start our push to the east coast.  The west coast is absolutely amazing to me and I know it is going to be hard to leave.



  1. Are you guys sure you didn't go across the Bay Bridge as well and cause the mishap there? Good to see an update. Maybe we'll meet you guys when you get closer to the East Coast. We're glad to see you're making your way back to this side of the continent.

    -Kyle and Shannon

  2. Oh man! really wish I could have toured CA with you. All my fav spots! The redwoods, SF with SUnshine??, the golden gate, those brown hills, and the monterey bay aquarium!!! Jealous. Bummed you didn't stop by the parental unit house, but maybe next time. =)

  3. WOW you've seen so much and have so many experiences to last a life time...all the pictures are amazing...and you haven't even hit the Grand Canyon yet. Do you think the rest of the trip will go fast?
    Miss you on Tuesdays...Hope to see you by Christmas!
    Love and stay safe, the Cordiers from Mogadore

  4. Hi Steve and James, We are enjoying reading about your trip. I have a picture of you two in Eureka at our house if you'd like, but don't know where to send it. . .
    Kathy and Dick

  5. Cordiers, I think we'll be back for the holidays. I picked up a few tips in Vegas, so poker on Tuesdays should be interesting.

    Kathy & Dick, Thanks again for housing us. We have to get your picture up on our site. We've been slacking on the website due to all the fun we're having.


  6. Hi!
    We are de 2 cyclists you met at Haines Jonction. We just arrived in San Francisco. We really enjoyed the redwoods and the crazy hills as well!
    We will be following you!
    Lucie & Torrey