Friday, August 28, 2009

Anchorage, AK

We have one full day completed in Anchorage. The weather isn't too bad. Rain comes and goes, but the temperature is between 55 - 65 degrees. Sun up is around 5:30AM and sunset is past 10PM right now. Anchorage reminds me of a mix between Buffalo and Denver, but does not feel run down. There is a lot of weather damage, but everything feels fresh. It's tough to explain, but it is refreshing to say the least.

James and I spent a lot of time meeting new people and hanging out at coffee shops and book stores while we waited for our bikes to arive. We found an REI up here and spent a lot of time gaining knowledge about the area and tips to stay safe until we reach the lower 48. We also want to say thanks to our new friends Kat Moore, Jake Wilson, and Betsy the Dog for allowing us to sleep on their couch (James on the floor) the first night. I am working on adding a section to this page for all the people we meet along the way. The few people we have met have been awesome! I hope to have this section up sometime tomorrow.

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