Thursday, August 27, 2009

We Landed in Alaska

It is 3AM here in Anchorage. The temperature is 51 degrees and it's raining for the next 10 days.

We had some minor trouble with the flights. Our first flight to Chicago was delayed which caused us to miss our connector. We spent a few hours at the airport before we were rescheduled to Seattle. From Seattle, we flew to Anchorage. Total air time was around 10 hours.

We should be able to pick up the bikes Friday morning. We plan to wait in the airport until the bikes arrive to stay out of the rain.


  1. Thanks for post. It’s really imformative stuff.
    I really like to read.Hope to learn a lot and have a nice experience here! my best regards guys!


  2. I just want to confirm.... are you and James growing out the beards for the whole trip?

  3. so I was looking over your equipment that you brought with you. I am a little disappointed that you don't have any pictures of your equipment. I was hoping to get to see some pictures of your bike that is making this arduous journey. As well as the spoon and firecrackers you brought.

  4. Thank you for the support!

    We will have pictures of our equipment when we pick it up from the UPS store tomorrow. There are 4 months ahead with pictures from all over North America!!! (at least what we see on our route)

    We will keep the beards growing unless it gets too hot. One idea of this trip is to eliminate most of the luxuries we are used to living with day in and day out, and see how we are able to adapt.

    Great questions! I will also have to update our checklist. A few items have been added and subtracted, but without everything in front of me, I hesitate to edit the list at this time.


  5. Good luck on your Journey Steve. It's been awhile, but good luck from all the Krause Klan! dont shave the whole trip. should make things a bit interesting. Good luck sir, i shall be checking on you everyday!


  6. As I said before, I am so jealous of your adventure...yet, proud to be your friend! Good luck to both of you throughout your journey!

    -Sarah :)

  7. 7th period wants to know how many hours do you plan on biking daily?

    5th period wants to know how long did it take you to prepare for the trip?

  8. I want to read an unedited blog post by James Sjostrom.

  9. Hey guys... Kat here. I wanted to let you know about those two places in Fairbanks that I told you about: Alaskaland and Chena hot springs. Definitely check those places out, and tell me how the mini-train in AKland goes... I can't wait to get there myself. Anyway, have an awesome ride and I hope we get to hang again soon (camping in lovely, starry Tok, perhaps??) Keep in touch and ride hard, boys!

  10. Thanks again to all for your support!

    7th Period, we will be riding anywhere from 5hours to 10+ on any given day. Our goal is to average 70 miles/day until we hit Washington where we will up the mileage to 90+. We also hope to be around 120-140 miles per day in the Midwest. Great question 7th Period!

    5th Period, James has been a competitive runner since grade school, having won the state championship in the 1600m, 3200m, and cross country at Aurora High School. I was an all state athlete in high school as well and we met running for Kent State University. With our running background, we have a good core and have experience pushing ourselves past our comfort zone. As far as bike training, we spent two months in Charlottesville, VA biking and running trails. My favorite bike rides were on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Another great question!

    Kat, Thanks again for all the help! If everyone was willing to help each other the way you helped us, this world would be a much stronger place. I hope I can return the favor one day. Good luck with your music, I look forward to hearing the song you wrote for us!!!