Sunday, August 30, 2009

Wrong Way

We are in Palmer right now after riding 68 miles yesterday. Half the miles were in the wrong direction, but we were able to take some great pictures. (i'll post them soon) Besides going in the wrong direction, the only other problem I've had is losing a spoke on my rear wheel.

This post is updated with my phone, so it's a little short I know. We plan to reach Fairbanks by Thursday. I will give a good week summary when we get there.

I will still try to blog with my phone the best i'm able, but i'm not sure if I will have a good signal.



  1. I think what would make this even more hardcore is if you just threw away all maps and just carried a compass. As long as the compass points SE you guys are golden right?

  2. Oh man Kyle they can't make it in the right direction WITH their maps!

    You need to update your yellow dot. Still shows you in NE OH. Best of luck guys!