Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Back in the States!

Hey all followers!

We made it back into the USA with no problems. That, in and of itself, is miraculous (at least to me, since I have had troubles in the past. Maybe I "look" like I'm in the Taliban. Anyways...)

We picked up our bikes yesterday after they had fixed our racks. They ended up bolting the bottom portion of the bracket up a bit higher and secured it better than what it came stock. Hopefully it will hold for the next 4000 miles!

After getting everything back loaded yesterday, we got on the road towards Bellingham, Wa. I found a nice fruit/vegetable stand which had stuff for 30-60 cents a pound and got myself a nice bag of treats. I forgot a bit later that there could be problems with attempting to cross the border with certain fruits (stupid, really) so needless to say, my diet consisted of entirely fruits and vegetables for the first 30 miles. The immigration officer let us cross pretty easily, which I figured would happen after trying to wolf down all my food. If I hadn't, they would have confiscated it. That's how it works, right? :)

After crossing the border, we hopped onto I-5 South, which allows for cyclists until the Bellingham exit (another 22 miles down the highway.) We had a decent 90 minute push until we got to our place in Bellingham, which was at a girl Lara's, off of She let us sleep in her garage, which was actually quite nice. She had toured across the US herself last year and was interested in our tour. At any rate, being back in the states, we are thinking we will be able to utilize a bit more, and camp a bit less. Except through rural Arizona/New Mexico I'm sure!

About to try to get to Everett, Wa today; it's 65 miles south and just 15-20 miles north of Seattle.



  1. Yo James, you guys need to update your map if possible... curious to see your route.

  2. Whats up guys, this is Mason from We met up off the I-5 as I was heading North to Vancouver on my bike. Check out if you are looking for places to crash as well.

  3. Great to have you guys back in the continental states! I was just showing my friend (Bret), the site and he still thinks you're nuts Steve, lucky he hasn't met James!! :) We are wishing you guys could be here for the Nascar race next weekend b/c we're not sure who is going to dance on top of the car!! Keep it rollin' boys!


  4. yea, where you guys at? And couchsurfing rules. You guys lucked out and got some awesome PNW weather. =) Hope everythings going well.