Friday, October 16, 2009

Eugene/Coos Bay


Just a quick update...

Having been in Eugene, we checked out Hayward Field, all the "Pre" stuff in town, various restaurants, campus, and roads around town. It was very cool, sort of nostalgic, and felt a presence that most people do who are Track afficondos probably feel when around Eugene. Pre.

We then made it from Eugene to Coos Bay. From Eugene, it was a very scenic route along Crow Rd, Wolf Creek Rd, and Lower Smith River Rd before it dumped us onto Highway 101. We found a campsite on some sand dunes in a town 30 miles north of Coos Bay (stomping grounds of Prefontaine.)

We got breakfast this morning at a small cafe on a boat at a marina and headed out. We made some decent time before Steve had run over a bit of glass on the shoulder. Within 20 minutes, a lady had offered to drive him to the nearest bike shop; another lucky day (and what nice people!)

Another 15 miles after that, and we were in Coos Bay. It was a bit too dark to do what we had intended (check out Marshfield HS, Pre's high school, as well as his memorial etc) so we are now camping at another sand dune park. Tomorrow we will check out all that "Pre" stuff, and head on down the 101.


PS Pictures from the last week or 2 to be up very soon!!


  1. Hey Guys!!! Your trip looks like so much fun. I have been reading your posts. I live in Phoenix, AZ now! Where does your trip take you. Are you going anywhere near Phoenix. Let me know maybe you could crash at my place! Good luck with the rest of your trip and most of all have a blast.

    ~ Bulldog (Kara Wilson now Woolgar)

  2. Hey Kara! We are glad to have you with us. I do not know if we are going to make it to Phoenix. We should know in the next few weeks for sure though, and if we do, I will take you up on that offer. I hope all is well.


  3. Steve here is my e-mail me if you are headed this way. My place is small but it has hot showers and hot food! would be great to hear stories. I have taken up biking lately so I don't get anymore stress fractures! I live in west mesa...mesa/temp border which is just east of the city of phoenix.

  4. oops that is mesa/tempe border

  5. You didn't fix your own flat!? Must have missed that phone call. Dudes, we are going to do some serious bike maintenance classes the next time i get a hold of you... (shaking my head.)

    It is always nice to get a ride though. Stay away from highway 101! You're gonna get hit! =)

    This has been such a positive comment/note.