Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Seattle to Portland and Eugene

Hey all peeps that follow this!

We arrived in Eugene. We also hadn't found a place to stay from Warmshowers.org so what better place to rest than Hayward Field!! We scouted out the place and figured the top row of bleachers under some skinny overhang/table structure would prove best; as to avoid anyone seeing us, kicking us out, you know...

Backtracking a bit...from Seattle, we headed south thru Olympia a couple days ago to arrive in Portland. Portland was a nice city, very progressive and the like. I would highly recommend eating at Hot Lips pizza as well as the Laughing Planet burrito place. We were able to secure a place at a house on the SE side of town. The people were very nice and had made us an equally nice breakfast in the morning. Such an amazing side of people you don't normally see (though cycling has a certain way of allowing you to be in the open, people talk to you etc versus the isolation of driving in a vehicle.)

On our way now to go for a jaunt on Pre's trail, check out Pre's rock, maybe hit up a Carl's Jr for some quality eats...


  1. Hope you got to that veritable SHRINE to T & F and Pref, Tracktown Pizza. By the way, I should have gotten a pic of you right there under the Prefontaine Place street sign, right where that bike-storage place was (it's named after Father Prefontaine, but whatever). And speaking of pix - did the one of us in front of the tour not come out? That's the only trace of you, besides the drunken video from the party next door!

  2. We want to know what team plays at Hayward Field? And did you have to travel through Downtown Seattle?

  3. Hot Lips pizza sounds amazing!

  4. Keep up the good work guys...did you happen to measure the circumference of your quads before the trip so you can see the amount of growth after?

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  6. Pistachio: We will be uploading the pics from the last week or 2 very soon, so yours will be included in it! We also stopped into TT Pizza and saw all the Pre "stuff" one should see in Eugene.

    Mogadore schools: Oregon Ducks are the team which is home of Hayward Field. Yes, we also cycled through downtown Seattle.

    Shanna: It was. They also had sold 8$ Cabernet Sauvignon's on site.

    SJAAC: Fred Kieser is that you? As far as measurements of quadriceps/hamstring cicumference, no we didn't happen to do any of that prior to starting this trip. But we have both noticed a slight increase in bulk in both the lateral and medial quad. Also, there is a muscle seems to be bigger between the index and thumb! Wierd

  7. wow, staying the night at Hayward field? That can only mean good T & F Karma in the future! I am sure the "spirits of Oregon" were smiling down