Friday, September 11, 2009

Delta Jct to Tok....long and windy ride

Hey all! We ended up leaving Delta Jct around noon yesterday. I had swapped out my 6 gallon milk crate I so graciously received from Safeway and replaced it with a much lighter wire basket from IGA. It probably lightened my load by 3-4 pounds!

Upon leaving Delta Jct, we were immediately greeted with a 30mph headwind. The headwind was coming from the SouthEast; exactly the direction we were travelling (towards Tok--110 miles away.) For the next 8 hours, we battled through some of the harshest windiest conditions and it was hard to maintain a positive attitude at times. Around 7:30pm, we reached a town called Dot Lake, which I was looking forward to sitting down and getting a coffee and hot meal. A couple of houses and a miniature school later had us departing the entire "town." I was displeased but on a positive note, the wind started to die for the night. Onward we pressed until 11pm, with no more than 5-10 minutes resting at a time, hitting 100 miles for the day, just shy of Tok.

We slept decently last night at our campsite (Moon Lake) and woke up to the sound of a squirrel with a loaf of our bread in its mouth. Walking over to our bikes had me in for another little surprise, as it had eaten through one of my saddlebags--trying to get to my stash of almonds and oatmeal. Packing up our tent had us witness a nice battle between the squirrel and 3 birds--fighting over a couple pieces of bread, and it was nice amusement. Departing the campsite around 11am this morning had us pulling into Tok (90 miles from Canada) around 12:30. Personally, I was worthless for the 10-12 mile ride to get to our bed and breakfast (Steve's mom reserved us a night at a bed and breakfast in Tok--sorta an early birthday gift for Steve) had run out of water (I was holding 3 20+ oz bottles) and was tired and sore from our first "Century."

Time for a nap...

P.S. We welcome any and all people who follow us, even a little, to comment. We look forward to any and all!

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