Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Vancouver Island

Well, we are getting closer to civilization. Currently we are in Campbell River right in the middle of the Vancouver Island. There is a McDonald's here. With the exception of Juneau, we haven't seen a McDonald's since Fairbanks. I finally feel like we are making progress and I think today was the last 60 mile day where we had to pack food for two days as a precaution. As much as we are eating right now, that extra food is very heavy. James made a list of what he ate yesterday. It's amazing at all the calories we go through. I think I am a bigger fan of Hershey's right now than my G'Pa.

We had around 5 hours of sun today. We have had nothing but rain for the past 2 weeks and I think that will continue until we leave Oregon. The sun gave us a great opportunity to dry out our stuff. Haha. That's how it is for us right now. We are learning a lot on how to stay dry. I will post some pics later today or tomorrow of our rain gear.



  1. Steve and James,
    We have enjoyed following your blog. Stay safe. Go Browns !( Well at least we have your blog to keep us busy on Fall days!)

  2. Hey Aunt Laura! We have been so busy out here. I hope all is well in Kent. Holloween is coming up; is there any big events planned?