Saturday, September 12, 2009

Leaving Tok

We are about to leave Tok with one full day of Alaska ahead of us. We hope to cross the border into Canada tomorrow afternoon. The weather right now is overcast with temps in the mid 40s. We are expected to ride into a light headwind again today, but it shouldn't be as bad as we saw the past few days. Our next real stop is Beaver Creek which we should be at Sunday night.

If you are ever in Tok, we just stayed at the Mooseerry Inn and I would highly recomend it to anyone. We had a great breakfast and the rooms are incredible. They also allow you to have mail sent here, which I took full advantage of. (Thanks mom and dad for the care package!!!)

I hope to post later today if we get a signal, but if not, I should be able to Sunday night.


  1. Hey guys, Sounds like you are meeting wonderful people on your adventure. The pictures are just beautiful. We are enjoying your trip too. Thanks for keeping it going.--Aunt Belinda

  2. Steve and James,

    Seems like you are making much better progress with the new bikes. Everyone is following your blog. We pull out the maps and talk about the trip, especially on Tuesday nights. G'Pa says hi... he made me his designated blogger along with my other duties. Great pictures. Wish I were there - except with a car. Anyway, ride safe. Talk to you soon.

    Aunt Barbara

  3. Hey Guys! Happy to see that you finally have your shit together and are traveling along at a good pace! We're all talking about it here in Ohio trying to keep up with where you guys are. We are glad that James still has two legs (we thought that a bear would've eaten one by now). Steve--the Browns sucked on Sunday--you didn't miss anything.

    Keep on Truckin'


  4. It's great following your trip, although it sucks being behind a desk in an office. Would much rather be "along for the ride." Oh well, guess I just have to live vicariously through you. Keep it going! No wildlife spottings yet?

    Craig Runs (Ran) 50

  5. Hi Guys!!! I just spent the past hour reading all of your posts and looking at your pictures. How exciting! I admire you both! Now that I know about this website (thank you stephanie), I'll be following you guys the whole way. You should come down to san diego! Good luck guys!


  6. So Tuesday Night Poker has an account now!!! haha. Thank you for the comments. Yesterday was a tough day for me and all I kept thinking about was how nice it would be to be sitting with you guys by the fire playing poker and eating pizza. I hope everyone took Aunt Barb's money!

    Angela, I was so excited this morning to be able to see the scores from Saturday's OSU vs USC game and the Browns. That is a mistake I won't make the rest of the trip...Until the CAVS are back!!!

    Craig, James told me all about your trip. 50 marathons in 50 states. All in one year is impressive to say the least. I would love to meet you one day and hear about how you did it.

    Suzanne!!! I am so glad you are following! If we make it to San Diego, you have to teach me how to surf. No 12" gash though.