Friday, September 11, 2009

The North Pole (Sept. 7)

If you are ever in Fairbanks, you must go 15 miles east to the North Pole. The whole town is decorated like it's Christmas and even though it is September, it felt like December.
James and I spent some time around town and even got to go into Santa's house. Santa was too busy for pictures, but he let us sit in his chair for some of our own. 15 minutes in Santa's house put us in the best mood. I think my G'Pa loaned Santa some of his Christmas records, which Santa played at full volume in his workshop. I loved every minute of it. James and I sang Bing Crosby Christmas songs for the next 50 miles. It was a real treat.

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  1. Hey Steve! i made this account so everyone in the family can leave you comments ill put it up at g-pa's on tuesday, i know everyone is checking in on your blogs all the time. we're all very excited to hear what happens next. and let me just tell you im VERY glad you got a little bit of christmas worked into your trip :D well be safe and hope to hear from you soon! ~Erica