Thursday, September 17, 2009

Destruction Bay

We are traveling at 5mph right now into another 40mph headwind. Haha, this is great! Well, we're hoping to get to Haines Junction by tomorrow. We just ate lunch at a lounge in Destruction Bay. Destruction Bay got it's name from the damage the wind caused when the military tried building forts 80 years ago. The forts kept blowing over and were destroyed. Destruction Bay! We were told that when we get another 30 miles, the wind will calm down.

Here are a few pics from the Yukon...


  1. jashere sounds like you guys are starting to run into winter . the further south you go winter is going to be worse. montana has already got 2 feet of snow in some areas. you may want to start tracking the weather ahead of you. its starting to be cooler at night here . The days have been in the 60' to you again soon.

  2. Fellas, hope all is well. Please be careful and keep enjoying every minute of it. I hope the biking is making you skinny!


  3. Hey Jimmy and Steven,
    First time I found your blog and I'm happy to be able to see your updates. Sounds like you guys have had some tough experiences, but you 2 can get through anything. I'll be checking this all the time now. Stay safe and keep truckin'.