Friday, September 11, 2009

Favorite Pics from the Week

Here is a reindeer eating by Trapper Creek. It was a pet. The only wildlife we have seen so far is a porcupine and a few squirls.

On our trip from Trapper Creek to Fairbanks, we saw beautiful mountains in the Denali National Park. These mountains in this picture are just northeast of Mt. McKinley.

What would a trip to Fairbanks be like if we didn't eat at the Northern most Denny's in the World?

This picture was our morning view at our campsite in Sulcha. We sa a lot of bear tracks, but not bears.
While biking into the wind on our way to Tok, views like this made the hard work worth while. As you can see, we are a week or so into the Fall season.
Mornings in Alaska are beautiful. Just about all the mornings so far have been between 35-45 degrees, but by 1pm, it's up to 70 degrees.