Friday, September 25, 2009


Juneau is awesome!

Downtown Juneau is a typical tourist stop. When we went downtown to check it out, there were 5 cruise ships docked, and people everywhere. We saw a lot of cheap t-shirt shops and a few signature bars. Downtown is ok. If you go about 10 miles north, you will find mountains to climb, rain forests to walk through, and glaciers to explore. James and I spent 9+ hours climbing and hiking a few days ago, and I could probably spend another 900 and still not be over how incredible Juneau is. This is one stop I will try to make again.

A few days ago, James and I were standing in an ice cave saying, "this is one of the coolest things we had ever seen." Words won't describe how amazing, so I'll post as many pics as I can.

We are currently in Ketchikan, and should be biking down the Vancouver Island in a few days. Our legs are sore again, but I think it's mostly the climbing this time, not the biking.

We also had our first fall of the trip. Neither one of us are hurt too bad. Well, I guess my belly hurts a little from laughing so hard, but other than that, I think it's just a few scratches. I'll have to let James tell the story.



  1. Hey Steve,
    Been following your journey and I can relate to how beautiful Alaska is and maybe we can talk your family into going on a cruise. It really is awesome. I think what you are doing is unbelievable and I am often thinking of you. Hope that you continue with meeting new friends and exploring our great country. Ann Harris

  2. Hi Ann!

    Thank you for the comments. I'm thinking of you too. I think next year we should all go back to Watkins Glenn for the NASCAR race. With all of our time, James and I talk about getting a bus or something to convert into a camper. We'll see...
    As far as the cruise, I think mom and dad may go for it if we tell dad about the free seafood on the ship. haha.

    Talk to you later,