Friday, September 18, 2009

Onwards to Haines Junction

Hey fellow blog readers!

Yesterday was kind of a wash. It had taken us 2 hours to "bike" to Destruction Bay; only 12 miles down the road. Winds were at their worst. After a couple hour coffee stop, we departed towards Haines Junction...still 75 miles away. I had a bit of knee tendinitis pain along the inside of the patella that kept me from going full throttle. We found a campsite 12 miles past Destruction Bay and built a fire to cook some canned food and perhaps let my inflammation go down. 2 hours later and after some episodes of "Peep Show" (A British comedy) we headed out again around dusk. I could only muster 3 more miles before I had too much pain. We set up camp on a beach, which had nice driftwood for a fire --- but was also very windy!

We left today around 10am and cycled all day until 7pm. I had thoughts of flagging someone for a hitchhike because I had tendinitis pain all day, but didn't want to let the crowd (read: everyone reading and following us) down. The wind today was manageable and the scenery was at its best for the Yukon. We just grabbed some grub at the local diner called "Northern Lights." It was quite pricey, like most places up here. We will be paying Taco Bell a visit though, the next time we see one (last one was 350 miles ago!). Also there will be some nice pictures added shortly...

Time for a Bud Light...


  1. Whats going on with the knee,jim. you need to have that looked at before you damage it beyoud repair. there's no shame to quitying the trip to protect your knee. It must be starting to get colder which will not help the knee. Give us a call and let us know what is going on.

  2. Take some Aleve! or something with Ibuprofen in it to reduce the inflamation.

  3. Dad: The knee is good again. I had a slight case of tendinitis in my other (good) leg, which is most likely a result of 2 things; improper seat height position and doing too much too soon (or too hard.) I rested a day, raised my seat significantly, took a couple Ibuprofen's, and I was pretty much good to go today. No worries pops; aches and pains will come and go!

    Kyle: I got your voicemails today. We just got to Haines, Alaska, from Yukon and British Columbia. I will be calling you and my others tomorrow (including you dad and mom, and Inge, Kim, etc.) (Which, for the record, I had no cell phone service the time I was in Canada.)

  4. James...a few possible (and cheap)remedies for the knee to try:
    a) Soak it in a warm epsom salt bath
    b) Eat Ginger (you can try and find candied so it's a little more palletable)
    c) Vitamin E
    d) Chammomile Tea

    Good luck. You can't quit now.

    Steve--Browns lost again- 6-27 So pathetic--we haven't scored a legitimate TD since last November...

  5. Jim,
    Glad to hear the knee is better. Awesome trip so far! Nice beard dude. I'll try to keep your pops from worrying too much when I see him on Wednesday nights.
    Keep it going guys and good luck.