Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ready for the Road...Again.

Well, after our first week of riding through Alaska, we learned more than we ever thought was possible. After our road bikes broke over and over last week, we are sending them home. We just picked up two touring bikes that will handle the load we are carrying. Our road bikes are build like race cars and just couldn't handle a load meant for an SUV. We now have the proper bikes and should be able to get back on schedule.

With all the break downs, (I had 4 flats in 30 miles of 45degrees and rain) I was very discouraged and thinking about throwing in the towel. James did a great job researching bikes and we got the best bikes we could for this trip. It's a very sick feeling to not have control a situation and with these new bikes, we shouldn't have the same problems we were having with our road bikes. I think we are both excited for the trip again.

We are leaving Fairbanks later today and really want to thank Blake and James for letting use their living room. Blake and James are members of and which is a couch surfing website for cyclists traveling across the world. They took us in for a few days while we swapped bikes and were great hosts. Good luck in your studies!


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  1. from jas324: I have an e-mail account with google its; glad to hear that you guys are back on the road again. stay alert when it comes to the wildlife. Jim keep mom informed so she is not worried. More and more people have been asking about you guys. The aurora Advocate has your webb address.also, the school superintendent of aurora has been following your adventure. talk to you again soon.